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  Electrophoresis aluminum extrusion  
October 31, 2017

We have the finishing lines for electrophoresis aluminum extrusion. Electrophoresis finish has its own features and many advantages.

The electrophoresis process has a number of alternate names: electrocoating, e-coating and electrophoretic coating. Aluminum extrusions are immersed in a paint solution contained in an electrified tank. The paint in the solution exists as ions with a positive or negative charge. When the extrusions are immersed in the tank, the paint migrates to the surface of the part. The paint ions gain or lose electrons at the surface of the part and are changed to solid paint that attaches to the surface.

Electrohoresis process is frequently used for some of door and window aluminum extrusions and many other applications expecting good corrosion resistance and beautiful mirror surface. Some of its features are listed below.

1. Easy to automate production. The electrophoretic coating of aluminum extrusions is processing in the water tank, electrolytic coloring is with short time process, similar to anodizing process, it is easy to implement the whole process of assembly line work.

2. Uniform and dense coating. Complex extrusion shapes can also get a uniform coating because of aluminum high swimming ability working with electrophoretic coating. The coating thickness can be controlled by adjusting the rate of work.

3. Safe and environmental. The electrophoretic paint diluted with water, low solids, low-solvent coatings are environmentally friendly and eliminates the risk of fire, good to care about workers' health.

4. High quality coating. Acrylic resin cured with amino resin to ensure a high decorative coating and high corrosion resistance, and because highly transparent resin, effectively highlights the metallic aluminum, according to needs the surface can be matt, sand and pearl, good for decorative results.

5. Free to control the thickness of the coating, 7 um and 12 um are the most required for local and oversea markets.

6. The electrophoresis coating is transparent and bright, so it requires high-quality aluminum ingots, good extrusions, smooth surface, less mechanical defects and strict production management, because any minor defects and contamination on the aluminum extrusion will be exposed.





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