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Custom Aluminum Fabrication Services, Reliable Metal Fabricator in China

Xinxiang Aluminum, as a leading aluminum extrusion manufacturer in China we also offer complete aluminum fabrication services including shearing, laser cutting, cnc machining, punching, bending welding and assembling processes. The finish we do for the aluminum fabricated products can be mill finish, anodized, powder coated or other finishing options.

We have been aiming to be one stop manufacturer for your custom aluminum fabrication demand since 1992. We know aluminum well, our expertise in the metal fabricating technologies and excellent services to our customers always achieves great successes in our business. When you need a custom part or entire assemblies in your project, as a experienced aluminum fabricator we will get back to you with our solution and estimated cost. When we move to prototype fabrication or mass production, our dedication to quality and most competitive price will help you achieve better results in your business

Other Metal Fabrication Services

At Xinxiang Aluminum, our facilities can also tackle your projects like aluminum extrusion fabrication, metal tube fabrication, steel welding fabrication, sheet metal fabrication in many types of material, including aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel and copper.

If needed, send us your custom metal fabrication design, our engineering team will analyze your needs and see your product through to completion according to your precise requirements

Aluminum Extrusion

We own 28 aluminum extrusion lines in our plant ranging from 600 to 5,000 tons extruding presses. The main extrusions we do is 6000 series aluminum with circle size below 650mm. With more than 20 years experience in manufacturing aluminum extrusions, we can supply standard and individual custom aluminum extrusion shapes, as well aluminum fabrication parts manufactured from aluminum extrusions in small quantities to large volume at highly competitive rates.

Feel free to request a quote from Xinxiang Aluminum for your metal fabrication products.




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