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Aluminum Tube Fabrication

We know that customers sometimes require aluminum tube and pipe fabrication along with their aluminum fabricated products. At Xinxiang Aluminum, we are capable to handle processes like tube cutting, tube bending fabrication, drilling, slotting, welding and assembling. Powder coating finish is the most common need for aluminum tube fabrication, also anodizing and other finish options are available.

Aluminum tube bending may be the most typical process when you tackle aluminum tubing fabrication, with the use of our CNC benders we have the flexibility to make your tube bending job right and fast.

Aluminum round tubes, square tubes and rectangular tubes with tube size below 120mm outside diameter are the main tubing materials that we use for aluminum tube and pipe fabricated products.

Contact us now and let us know your tube fabricating design, we will ensure your projects get the most attention.



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