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Custom Aluminum Fabrication Services

Aluminum has many characteristics that make it widely adaptable to fabrication and machining processes. Xinxiang Aluminum offers complete aluminum fabrication services to its customers, our vision is not only to be a reliable aluminum extruder, but also to become a first-class one stop manufacturer of custom aluminum fabricated products.

The aluminum fabricated products that we carry are mostly manufactured from aluminum tubes, aluminum extrusions, aluminum sheets and aluminum castings. We own many equipments and bring a complete array of capabilities in custom aluminum fabrication, including aluminum extruding, sawing, deburring, laser cutting, cnc machining, punching, tapping, shearing, bending, welding and assembling process.

If you need a reliable manufacturer to go with your project in aluminum, you can feel free to contact us. Our expertise and rich experiences will ensure your custom aluminum fabrication projects get the most of attention, meanwhile the most competitive price is available due to our complete array of in-house fabrication.



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